Thoughts of a Pluviophile

Most people enjoy the rays of sunshine everytime they open their window curtains.

Or the sunny day at the beach where the heat of the sun warms the serene ocean.

Or that hint of sunlight passing through the slightly opened window that hits their faces while sleeping in the afternoon.


But me?

I prefer waking up to the sound of the rain falling on our roof. The cool feel and petrichor smell of the air that greets me when I open my window.

The unsaturated color of the sky… The earth-y smell of the ground that clings in your nose…  The sound of the trees swaying with the winds… The cold drops of the rain that falls upon your skin…

Isn’t it nice?

A lot of people see the rain as a “negative” thing. For example, they plan to go to the beach. But when they find out that it’s going to rain on that day, they’ll cancel it.

Why? Isn’t it refreshing to see that all of the sand in the beach are wet? And not just the shore? Isn’t it pleasant to see the waves of the sea getting bigger? Or the air getting colder as it touches your skin? The smell of the rain and the ocean mixing up in your nose?

It’s not about “you can’t do anything” when it’s raining. You just have to deal with it, enjoy it, and be in the moment. J

And trust me, when you finally learn to do those things, a rainy day would never be the same again.

You would see yourself staring at the view of the city from the bus window, with the raindrops making it blurry, more admirable.

You would see yourself not worrying of getting wet because you forgot your umbrella.

You would see yourself looking at the gray skies and feel comforted. Relaxed. And not gloomy.

You would see yourself getting excited when you hear the sound of the rain pouring. You’d stare at your window as the rain starts to get stronger and mutter,

“Isn’t the weather so nice today?”


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